Friday, December 9, 2011

The Killville Creeps....a Christmas story...

In 1918, while the deadly influenza pandemic was busy decimating the wold's population something even more terrifying struck the little town of Killville Massachusetts.
Albert and Eleanor Drury, the richest couple in town and their two children lived in the western hills of town in a mansion overlooking the apple orchards. Albert not only owned the orchards but also the textile and button factories that employed half of the town's adult population. Their children Egremont and Beatrice were the perfect little darlings. Egremont was an A-student at the nearby Williston Academy and Beatrice excelled at Northampton's School For Girls.
But on a cold night in November these two little darlings turned into two ferocious little devils. They first struck Eleanor. They're attack was fast, vicious and final. The county medical examiner later guessed that she had been impaled with a fireplace poker in the.....more